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How does the recharge of electric vehicles work?

Connect your vehicle with your cable (Mennekes type 2) to the charging equipment that supplies power up to 22kW in alternating current. Next, select the Electric vehicle option in the Telpark app, type in the device the number that is written at the recharging point and the charge will start. When you are done or you are ready to leave, press “stop” in the app to finish the process.

Car Parks:

  • Ávila – El Grande
  • Barcelona – CEK
  • Barcelona – Joan de Borbó
  • Barcelona – Sancho de Ávila
  • Hopitalet – Ajuntament
  • Madrid – Casino de la Reina
  • Madrid – Hospital la Concepción
  • Madrid – Las Cortes
  • Madrid – Plaza Colón
  • Madrid – Serrano 41
  • Sabadell – Espronceda
  • San Sebastián – Okendo
  • Santander – Méjico
  • Sant Cugat – Plaça de de la Vila
  • Sant Cugat – Lluís Millet
  • Sant Cugat – Quatre Cantons
  • Murcia – Glorieta de España
  • Murcia – Plano San Francisco
  • Pamplona – Blanca de Navarra
  • Vigo – Plaza de Portugal
  • Zamora – Marina Española

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