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How do you book a parking space with Telpark?

When you open the Telpark app the “Bookings” icon is displayed in the lower left-hand corner. Clicking on it opens the screen to book a parking space in the Empark network of car parks.

The first thing you need to do is select the vehicle for which you want to book the parking space. Click on parking and choose the car park on the map or list of car parks in which you wish to park.

Select the start date and time you wish the booking to commence. Then select the length of time and payment method. For the time being, payment can only be carried out via credit card or Paypal.

Click on book parking space and this ensures you a parking space in the car park selected.

Upon arriving at the car park, the barrier will open automatically, making it unnecessary to use any tickets nor waiting. The same happens when leaving. For this to happen, the access with number plate must be activated: More options > Car Parks > Access with number plate > Activate.

There is a two-hour grace period before and after the end of the booking to access the car park.

Unlimited entries and exits may be carried out during the time booked.

Once the time booked has expired the extra time will be charged according to the current rates in each car park.

The booking details can be consulted by clicking on car parks, and the invoice can be consulted by just clicking on More options – Historical data – Payments.

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