On-street parking

Is it necessary to have the GPS tracker turned on?

No, it is not essential to have the tracker turned on, but if the GPS is turned on, we will be able to determine your position and help you to park. If you have the tracker turned on, the application will give you the option to select automatically the tariff that applies in the area where you are.

However, before proceeding to park, you will need to check that you are actually in that particular district and make changes if necessary.

The co-ordinates and accuracy of GPS are influenced by many factors: the mobile device itself, buildings, cloud cover, ionosphere, pollution, etc., all of which affect the accuracy of GPS, and a radius of 20 metres means that you are in a circle with a radius of 20 metres, centred in the location marked for you…not that you are in the centre. In other words, there could be a variance of up to 40 meters.

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