Rules applying specifically to Madrid

What sort of tariffs apply in Madrid?

Since 2014, the Madrid Servicio de Estacionamiento Regulado (Regulated Parking Service) has the power to credit or charge a penalty of the basic tariff depending on vehicle emissions.

Every time you select the fee or parking time, the app checks with the town hall service to find the conditions that influence the applicable tariff. It is these conditions that will be taken into account when you enter your registration number in the parking meter so that a different tariff will apply to you, depending on the type and age of your vehicle.

In this way, the following percentages will be added to or subtracted from the basic tariffs, according to the characteristics of the vehicle:

  • Zero emissions vehicles get a tariff reduction of 100%, which means they can park without any additional costs. Mopeds, three-wheelers, four-wheelers and motorcycles; mini-vans, vehicles with over 8 seeds and corporate supply vehicles registered on DGT, as battery electric vehicles (BEV), electric vehicles with extended autonomy (REEV), hybrid vehicles with plugs (PHEV) with a minimal autonomy of 40 kilometers, or hybrid vehicles with batteries. Reduction of 100%. 
  • ECO, with a reduction of 50%. Mini-vans, vehicles with over 8 seeds and corporate supply vehicles registered on DGT as hybrid vehicles with plugs with an autonomy of fewer than 40 kilometers, hybrid vehicles without plugs (HEV), vehicles that run on natural gas compressed or liquid (GNC and GNL), or vehicles with liquid gas from oil (GLP). In all case, they must comply with the criteria from label C. Reduction of 50%.
  • C, that will pay 10% less. Mini-vans running on gasoline, registered after January of 2006 and diesel registered after 2014. Vehicles with over 8 seeds and corporate supply vehicles (gasoline or diesel) registered after 2014. The gasoline ones must comply with Euro 4, 5 and 6 directive and the diesel ones must comply with the Euro 6 directive. Reduction of 10% less.
  • B, that will not have a recharge or penalty. Mini-vans running on gasoline registered after January of 2000 and diesel registered after January of 2006. Vehicles with over 8 seeds both gasoline and diesel, registered after 2005. So, the gasoline ones must comply the Euro 3 directive and the diesel ones must comply the Euro 4 and 5 directive. Without recharge or penalty.
  • A: Every other vehicle. Recharge of 25%.

Likewise, there are also recharges depending on the volume of occupancy. The town hall system will tell you how much you will be charged in this situation, depending on the payment was made.

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