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Did you know that you can book your parking space?

  • In the App, click Book parking
  • Select the car park, choose the duration and the vehicle
  • Choose how you want to pay
  • Click on Make a booking, it’s that easy!
Book your space

Pay the parking meter from your mobile phone!

Start, stop or increase the parking time wherever you are and in just 4 steps:

  • Choose the vehicle and the town or city
  • Choose the tariff and select the zone
  • Set the duration of your stay
  • Extend or end the period when you need it
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If you forgot to extend the duration, don’t worry, you can also settle fines very easily from the app:

It only takes 3 steps

Go to "Pay a fine" in the Parking meter section
Choose the town or city and the vehicle
Make payment

And if you prefer a covered car park, we will make you feel at home.

With Express Entry, the barrier opens automatically!


  • Activate “Express Entry” in Car Parks
  • Enter or select your number plate
  • An ‘express’ way to enter all our car parks! The barrier will open automatically after reading your number plate, without having to take a ticket or go to the pay station
Plus you can get up to a 40% discount by activating the promotion in the app!

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Do you have an electric vehicle?

Make the most of your time while you charge your car at our car parks. We explain how:


We explain how:

  • Select your charging point at one of our car parks
  • Choose how you want to pay
  • It’s as easy as that! Your electric vehicle will charge while you make other plans
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Check the parking history and download your invoices

Open the app and select “More Options”. Press “History” and choose the “Payments” tab. If you touch over each parking session, a PDF file will be downloaded to you mobile phone. You can also download your invoices using the web app.

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