Parking is quick and easy with Telpark

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How to activate the parking meter?

It’s a three-step process.

  • Select a city.
  • Choose the tariff by selecting the parking area.
  • Establish a duration for the parking session.
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How can I activate access with license plate?

  • Select “Parking lots” and choose “Activate Plates”.
  • Select the license plate of the vehicle you want to park.
  • Pulse “Automatic entry” if you want the barrier to open automatically
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Can I use Telpark for paying my offences?

It only takes 3 steps.

Open the app and select “Offences”.
Insert the city and the vehicle.
Procced with the payment.

Check the parking history and download your invoices

Open the app and select “More Options”. Press “History” and choose the “Payments” tab. If you touch over each parking session, a PDF file will be downloaded to you mobile phone. You can also download your invoices using the web app.

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