Multipass. The solution tailored to your parking needs

Are you tired of looking for a parking space near your home or work? Do you occasionally park in a same car park? Discover Multipass! Multipass is the perfect product for parking in your favourite car park whenever you want, without having to set the date beforehand, and at the best pice. Save up to 85% on the car park's standard rate. You can buy your Multipass, starting with 5 passes, through the Telpark app. The discount will vary depending upon the car park and the number of passes you take out.

How do I buy my Multipass?

  • Access the Telpark app
  • Buy your Multipass for the car park of your choice, as well as the amount of passes you need.
  • Enjoy your 12-hour pass at the best price.


Multipass Benefits

Benefits all round with Multipass. Parking is easier and more convenient. Purchase the product through the Telpark app in just three clicks.
No matter the day or time, you will always find a space in our network of more than 200 car parks in Spain and Portugal. You can purchase from 5 passes at the best price. *A pass will be valid for 12 hours in the selected car park, starting when entry has been activated and allowing one entry and exit per pass. Valid for 24 months from the time of purchase.

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